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Which one is better: Decks or Patios?

Your Outdoors is a great place for you to relax, when you are planning to install your landscape, how do you decide whether you want a Patio Style Decks to be installed? Let’s consider a couple of facts.

If you are planning for an outdoor place to relax and barbecue with your family, installing a patio is a great idea, it costs you much less than the deck.

Paver patios are less expensive and easy to maintain, while setting up a deck might cost you a little extra, it’s a great idea to build a deck.

ROI on Decks is better than that of Patios

If you are planning to increase the value of your property, installing a deck will be a better option as the ROI on decks is around 60 to 70 percent and the ROI on Patios is around 50 percent. So if you are planning to sell your property. then installing a deck will give you better results.

Choice of Materials

While wooden decks look gorgeous, they are a bit expensive to maintain, composite decks are a better choice if you are looking for a less maintenance option. When it comes to Patios you can choose paver patios as a cost-effective solution. But it all depends on your personal choice.

Decks Give a better view of your outdoors

Patios are great to have a barbeque and outdoor cooking; Decks give a better view of your outdoors. You can also try Patio Style Decks with our Patio Style Decks Designer Rochester. Get in touch with our landscaping professionals at KD Fence & Deck Rochester we will help you make the right decision and give you the exact estimate.

Custom deck construction in Rochester, NY

Improve the Outdoor living space design with Custom Decks that look amazing, versatile, and a great place to entertain small gatherings. They are preferred, because of their suitability and ease of installation.

KD Fence and Deck Rochester build amazing custom decks and create a relaxing space for you to sit and socialize.

Custom Wooden Deck Installation Rochester, NY

KD Fence and Deck Rochester is a Commercial Deck Installation Company in Rochester, NY that installs and repairs all types of decks for your property in Rochester, NY.

 We build elegant and durable Traditional wooden decks that look great. Wooden decks are never out of style, they create a warm and welcoming ambiance. We install custom wooden decks that will transform your landscape into a luxurious place to relax.

Rochester Deck Construction

KD Fence and Deck Rochester is one of the leading decking contractors in Rochester, NY. We build durable and low-maintenance decks that are appealing and eco-friendly. Our decks last for decades without any maintenance issues. We install

 are highly functional, stylish, and safe options for homeowners, who want to create a usable and stylish outdoor space.

KD Fence and Deck Rochester help you design and install high-quality vinyl decks, they do not fade and look amazing in every season, vinyl decks are water-resistant, easy to clean, and slip-resistant, it does not splinter or peel, making them safe and comfortable for you.

Professional deck installation

To install decks in and around Rochester, NY. get in touch with us, we will be glad to help you with our free estimate. And our team will do the quick installation of decks for you.

Custom Deck Contractors in Rochester, NY

We also install Vinyl decks are highly preferred by many of our clients, if you are looking for a decking solution that is durable and easy to maintain and repair, consider vinyl decks, as it is the best alternative to wood and composite decking, they are easy to maintain and last for a lifetime.

Traditional Deck Design in Rochester, NY

Traditional Decks are very popular in Rochester, NY because of the level of comfort it provides. They are mostly built in a rectangular shape or square shape, which makes them easy to install, they are perfect for hosting parties and entertaining small gatherings. They are easy to install and can be customized as per your requirements. 

You can experiment with different decking materials and various seating décor.

Pool Decks Installation in Rochester, NY

If you enjoy your pool parties or simply love to relax near your pool, then you can opt for a pool deck, we will set it up for you without expertise.

KD Fence & Decks Rochester is a traditional deck builder in Rochester, NY. get in touch with us and let us know your requirements and budget. We will help you design the best traditional deck for you. 

We will also help you choose the suitable decking material as per your needs.   We build decks that are very durable and easy to maintain, we believe in making it strong, safe, and appealing.  

We further secure it with durable railings that will ensure absolute safety for people of all ages. 

DIY Fence Installation in Rochester

Apart from installing the strongest fences, KD Fence & Decks Rochester supplies excellent quality fencing materials across the city of Rochester. 

DIY Fencing Material in Rochester

Apart from installing the strongest fences, KD Fence & Decks Rochester supplies excellent quality fencing materials across the city of Rochester. 

Commercial Irrigation System Installation in Rochester, NY

KD Fence & Decks Rochester installs a Commercial Irrigation System, in Rochester, NY.  Whether it is setting up drip irrigation or sprinklers for large areas, we will set it up for you. 

For all your installation of irrigation system on your property call us at   Call us at (585) 460-3575 

We will install all kinds of fences and decks for you in Rochester, NY.

Mail us at, we will be glad to respond to your queries.