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Best Residential Fencing Services in Rochester, NY

Fencing defines your boundaries, gives you that curb appeal, and makes your property secure. Every beautiful house needs a strong boundary. Your fencing gives out the first impression of your property, and sloppy fencing is an open invitation to intruders. At KD Fence & Deck Rochester we understand your need for setting strong boundaries for your residential property. We aim to provide you with strong and durable fencing that is aesthetically appealing at the same time. We provide the Best Residential Fencing services in Rochester NY.

Residential Fence installation in Rochester, NY

KD Fence & Deck Rochester, is Certified by ACI and provides fence and deck services all over the Rochester area, we install all types of residential fences such as Chain-link fencing, Wrought Iron Fencing, Wooden privacy fences, Vinyl fences, classic picket fences, and many other types of fencing, based on your need and suitability to your landscape.  

Chain Link Fencing for Homes in Rochester, NY

Chain Link Fencing is highly preferred by homeowners in Rochester for several reasons 

Chain Link Fencing is affordable and needs less maintenance. 

KD Fence & Deck Rochester, installs Chain Link Fencing that has galvanized, aluminized, or vinyl coating, which won’t rust or gather dust.

Quick to Install and Easy to Repair

Chain Link Fencing can be installed quickly, if any part of the fencing is damaged it can be cut and repaired easily without any visible signs of damage.

Looks appealing and has Visibility

Chain Link Fencing is see-through, which allows the sunlight to reach your yard and gives you a better view of the outside world.

Durable and Secure 

The fence is very tough as it is made of interlocking steel wire that is coated. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and creates a secure barrier due to its strong steel material. 

For installation and repair of Chain Link Fencing in Rochester, NY, contact KD Fence & Deck Rochester

Residential Wood Privacy Fence Installation in Rochester, NY

For a perfect enclosure that allows privacy, and safety for your kids and pets, consider a Wood Privacy Fence. 

Appealing and Affordable

Enchanting and natural-looking wood fencing services are affordable, as wood is naturally available in plenty. Other materials may cost slightly more, but wood fencing works out to be cost-effective. It is also eco-friendly and gives a natural look to your yard. 

Easy to maintain and repair 

You can easily repair the damaged part, without having to remove the entire fence. It can last up to 20 years without having to repair it. 

KD Fence & Deck Rochester will help you choose the right type of wood that is suitable for your weather conditions and the one that suits your preferences. 

DIY Fence for your Residence in Rochester, NY

Besides installing high-quality durable fences. We also provide high-quality fencing materials for DIY fences. You can get in touch with us and tell us about your requirements and we will provide the best fencing DIY material for you.

Residential Railing installation in Rochester, NY

Our Railings give you a sense of security, and make it safe for your kids and elders, they are strong and sturdy and improve the aesthetics of your home. You can choose from different designs, and we will install it for you. 

KD Fence & Deck Rochester have Completed hundreds of successful residential fencing installations in Rochester, NY. Using industry-best fencing materials that can stand the test of time and creating distinctive outdoor spaces with out-of-the-box fence installations. For any type of residential or Commercial Fencing Installation and repair services,

Do feel free to call us at +1 (585) 460 – 3575 or email us at:

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