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Vinyl Decking

Best Quality Vinyl Decking Installation in Rochester, NY

Decking does that magic to your landscape!  It improves the functional space and appeal of your Landscape when it comes to deck installation in Rochester, NY. Vinyl Deck is greatly preferred, for its appeal, and durability, and it is easy to maintain. 

Commercial Fence Company in Rochester

KD Fence & Deck Rochester is a top fence and deck installation company in Rochester, NY. We do both commercial and residential deck installation. Vinyl decks are very durable, tough, and long-lasting because they are made up of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC decks are very versatile and can be seamlessly integrated easily into any décor. 

Vinyl Decks is better than Wooden Decks

Decks made of natural Wood give you that earthy vibes, but they can get damaged easily by moisture, and need regular maintenance to keep them going for long. Vinyl Decks are water-proof, they may fade if they are exposed to sunlight for a long time but they do not rot or splinter easily.

Types of Vinyl Deck Materials

Rochester vinyl deck builders, offer you various options such as 

  • Fuzzy-Backed Vinyl Decking 

It is best known as an unwoven or random polyester. This kind of material holds the adhesive properly and reduces distortion during installation.

  • Vinyl-Backed Vinyl Decking

This type of Vinyl Deck is smooth-backed vinyl and can be installed without much preparation.

  • Scrim –Backed Vinyl Decking

This kind of deck is also called Woven-back Vinyl decking, experts say because of its durability and strength, it holds the glue much better and it is highly resistant to moisture.

Vinyl Decking Installation in Rochester, NY

KD Fence & Deck Rochester installs Vinyl Decking, these Decks do not require heavy maintenance, they don’t rust and you don’t have to paint or stain them. They are termite-resistant, and you can clean them easily due to their glossy finish, all the dirt can be easily cleaned with your regular house cleaners. It is environmentally friendly, as it is not treated with harsh chemicals, a great choice for any weather condition. 

Outdoor Deck Installation Services Rochester, NY

We install the best decks at affordable prices. KD Fence & Decks Rochester. The best Outdoor deck contractors in Rochester. We build decks that are durable and look great. 

Residential and Commercial Decks builder in Rochester, NY

KD Fence & Deck Rochester Commercial Decks services work towards making your commercial properties functional and appealing. We install secure fences to secure your space so that no trespassers can intrude. Our commercial fence company in Rochester creates fences that are customized to the specific requirements of each commercial property

Call our Expert Fence and Deck installers, at (585) 460-3575 

Our professional fence and deck installers in Rochester, NY are experts in top-notch and affordable fencing and deck services. We install the best quality fences and decks in rochester ny with professional workmanship and the best materials in the industry.

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